React Basics

Initial setup

Legend-State hooks directly into React so that it doesn't need any selectors, hooks, or higher order components.

Just call enableLegendStateReact() once at the beginning of your application to enable it.

import { enableLegendStateReact } from "@legendapp/state/react"


There are three ways to consume observables in React:

  1. get() on observables makes the component automatically track them
  2. Rendering them directly
  3. useSelector to get individual values


Calling get() on an observable within any React component makes it track the accessed observables for changes. See Tracking for more about when it tracks.

const state = observable({ count: 0 })

// No HOC or selector needed
function Component() {
    // Accessing state automatically makes this component track changes to re-render
    const count = state.count.get();

    // Magic 🦄
    return <div>{count}</div>

Rendering directly

Render an observable string or number straight into React and it will automatically be extracted as a separate memoized component with its own tracking context.

<div>Count: {state.count}</div>


import { observable } from "@legendapp/state"

const count = observable(0)

function Normal() {
    // This re-renders when count changes
    return (
        <div>Count: {count.get()}</div>
function FineGrained() {
    // This never re-renders when observable is rendered directly
    return (
        <div>Count: {count}</div>
Renders: 1
Count: 0
Renders: 1

See fine-grained reactivity for more details.


useSelector computes a value and automatically listens to any observables accessed while running, and only re-renders if the computed value changes.


  • selector: Computation function that listens to observables accessed while running
import { observable } from "@legendapp/state"
import { useSelector } from "@legendapp/state/react"

const state = observable({ selected: 1 })

const Component = ({ id }) => {
    const isSelected = useSelector(() => id === state.selected.get())
    // Only re-renders if the return value changes

    return <div>Selected: {isSelected}</div>

See Tracking for details about how Legend-State automatically tracks changes.