New email plugin

Dec 4, 2023

Many of our users rely on Legend's Email plugin to keep their email organized with the rest of their daily tasks. It's been working well for many people, but it has shortcomings for some users:

  1. Some of the advanced features like archiving emails or opening other labels/folders are not very reliable.
  2. They involve a lot of complexity specific to Gmail and Outlook, so it's hard to support more providers.
  3. They don't work at all for some business users with custom login portals

We took a step back to rethink how to solve the core problem, to let people easily integrate email into their organization system to manage all priorities in one place. And we found a way to achieve that goal with much less complexity, more features, and in a more familiar way: just embed the email apps directly into Legend.

Use email directly

The new Email Beta pane embeds Gmail or Outlook directly into the pane, so you can use your familiar email interface right inside of Legend. It augments the pages with extra features, like you can drag emails into your documents.

Try it now

The desktop app should auto-update itself to version 2.2.3, or download it at Then you can add an Email Beta pane to try it out.

More to come

This new approach is much more extensible, so we have some cool future features planned like hotkeys or adding icons to emails if they're already saved in Legend. It will also be much easier to add support for other email providers. We're starting by just getting to parity with the current email plugin, then we'll explore what else we can do!

If you have any feedback or requests for where we can take this to make it even better, please let us know in the forum.