More Powerful Filtering

Jan 14, 2022

Continuing our trend of improving filtering, we've been working with our beta testers for the past month on a new filtering system that we're really excited about!

It has a lot more ways to filter, by every item type or by the contents of items, so you can be much more deliberate about how you filter your panes.

Advanced mode takes away the icons and adds a ton of extra functionality for when you want to get more specific. In advanced mode you can mix filters together with text, group filters together with parentheses, and OR them together, to filter exactly how you want.

And More

  • Added a new General setting "Collapse matches of filters” which will collapse matches that have no matching children
  • Revamped the system that locks items into place while editing. They now show a dashed outline for 1.5 seconds and show a more accurate message about the number of items hidden.
  • Fixed some issues editing text around links and with multiple links


If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this update, please let us know in the forum thread.