Improved Help

Apr 3, 2022

This month was spent mainly on improving the Help and creating content to help you get started.

  • The Help page has a new Workflow Examples section with some advanced workflows.
  • We have a new Medium Publication where we're posting workflow examples. So far we have some great posts by some of our users, Stephen Zeoli and Tim Lutero, and we will continue to add more there.
  • We have a new YouTube Channel where we've posted two videos so far. We're starting with the basics to help you get started, and we will make more videos with more advanced topics.
  • We've become more active on our Twitter Account. We will post updates there so follow us to get notified.

And of course we got in some good features and bug fixes too:

Improved Calendar Sync

In addition to a few bug fixes, we focused on making sure that Legend's sync to Google Calendar is very safe. It now prevents edits which would mess up events, and we added prompts to make sure you don't accidentally remove events.

A new feature, a per-calendar Editable setting in the Calendar section of the settings, lets you lock calendars so that Legend cannot modify them, or prompts before making changes.

This was a great idea and a highly requested feature on our forum which makes it much safer to sync work calendars with Legend.

Tag Coloring by Prefix

Another highly requested feature: there's a new page in the Display Settings where you can change the colors of tags. It works by prefix so you can create a colored tag hierarchy. For example you could set #home_ to be orange, so that all tags starting with #home_ like #home_chores would be orange. Some of our beta testers like to set a background color on the more urgent tags, with a text color for normal tags.

Inferred Hierarchy Experiment

We're working on a new concept where Legend can infer an outline hierarchy based on Heading size. It gives you all the power of collapsing, filtering, and zooming without even needing to indent. It's still a beta-only experiment, but it's almost done so you will see it released soon! If you'd like to try it now and help give us feedback, go here to join the beta.