Jun 14, 2022

For this past month we've taken a break from big new features and have been focusing on polishing and improving existing features. So we have some upgrades in a few areas:

Popup Panes

Popup panes are a nice way to work on something temporary withing modifying a board. In addition to fixing some bugs and streamlining them, we also added lots more ways to open them.

You can right click an item to open a popup pane zoomed into it, click the kebab menu at the top right of a pane to clone it as a popup pane, and use the command palette or hotkey to clone the current pane to a popup.

One new feature we love is the popup pane gets out of the way to let you drag an item onto your board, which makes it super easy to open a search result in a popup and drag it to the right place.

Drag and Drop

In addition to fixing some minor bugs, dragging now shows only one line and lives below the cursor to stay out of your way while finding a target. And it has a cool blurred background :)

And a highly requested upgrade! Dropping an item now retains its collapsed state.

Focus Mode

Focus mode is great for when you have a ton of panes on a board. Press + + Z to make your current pane large and centered, and hide everything else.


This update has tons of small fixes and improvements. Check out the what's new page for all the details.