Improved Filtering and Apple Silicon Version
Nov 2, 2021

Improved Filtering

For the past few weeks we've been building and beta testing a new filtering algorithm which is more accurate and faster, especially with mirror items. Our original filtering system had grown up and improved over time, but was not handling mirror items very well. So we rebuilt it from scratch in a smarter way designed for handling mirrors and complex interlinked documents, along with a large suite of automated tests to make sure it's correct in every case. If you see any remaining issues with filters being inaccurate please let us know in the forum thread.

This is not (yet) a change in filtering features or behavior, but filter results will generally be more accurate and include items that may have mistakenly been missed before, especially if you are using mirror items. And it should be a bit faster too!

Apple Silicon Version

We now have a build of Legend native to Apple Silicon which is a ton faster and smoother on the new M1 chips. If you have a new Mac with an M1 chip, please install the new version manually. The previous version of the app is not able to auto-detect Apple Silicon so it requires a manual update, but future versions will update to the Apple Silicon version automatically.


It's been a couple months since our last blog post because we had put a pause on new feature development to focus on fixing bugs and polishing rough edges. Check the what's new page to see all the recent updates.

What's Next

We're working on a new database architecture which will simplify multiple documents, allow panes to show all documents at once, has a much better version history, and will improve local document support. See the forum post for more details. It's been a side project while also working on bug fixing for a couple months, but we are now running on it internally as we focus on it to finish the last details. We'll start beta testing it soon, so keep an eye on the forum for updates.