Feature Examples

These video examples show some of Legend's major features in action. Click the features' Learn more buttons to see more detailed information.


Focus your view by zooming into one item at a time. Each pane can be independently zoomed into any part of your documents.

To zoom in, you can:

  • Click items in the pane's Overview
  • Click on the prefix of of Heading, Project, or Bullet items
  • + click to the left of an item
  • Press + Enter in an item
Item types

Legend uses prefixes to give each item special types for both style and function. For example:

  • Headings and Projects are big and bold, and add hierarchy and make it easy to zoom in.
  • Bullets give an outliner feel and make it easy to zoom in.
  • Tasks show a checkbox and are easy to complete.

Press / in an empty item to see all the prefix options.


Filtering lets you see on your documents from any angle. You can filter for prefixes, item contents, words, or #tags.

Combined with zooming, you can customize your view to see any specific subset of your items.

Click the Filter box in the top right of a pane to see the filter options, or press + F

Depending on your needs, your filters can be simple or very complex with grouped or and and operators.

View Modes

Panes can be viewed in many ways, for different perspectives on your items.

The default view, Outline, lets you enter and view your items as a document with all the hiearchy you want.

The Group by views let you group and sort your items by all sorts of different properties.

The List view hides all hierarchy so you can focus on individual items, and the Calendar view is a calendar.


Documents are organized as an infinite hierarchy, which allows zooming to show only the children of the selected item and for items inherit the properties of the parents when filtering.

You can create hierarchy either by:

  • Indenting by pressing Tab
  • With the "Inferred Hierarchy" setting enabled, simply putting items below a Heading makes them children

When your documents have hierarchy, you can navigate between Parent items in the Overview.