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Improved Filtering and Apple Silicon Version

Nov 2, 2021

Improved Filtering

For the past few weeks we've been building and beta testing a new filtering algorithm which is more accurate and faster, especially with mirror items. Our original filtering system had grown up and improved over time, but was not handling mirror items very well. So we rebuilt it from scratch in a smarter way designed for handling mirrors and complex interlinked documents, along with a large suite of automated tests to make sure it's correct in every case. If you see any remaining issues with filters being inaccurate please let us know in the forum thread.

This is not (yet) a change in filtering features or behavior, but filter results will generally be more accurate and include items that may have mistakenly been missed before, especially if you are using mirror items. And it should be a bit faster too!

Apple Silicon Version

We now have a build of Legend native to Apple Silicon which is a ton faster and smoother on the new M1 chips. If you have a new Mac with an M1 chip, please install the new version manually. The previous version of the app is not able to auto-detect Apple Silicon so it requires a manual update, but future versions will update to the Apple Silicon version automatically.


It's been a couple months since our last blog post because we had put a pause on new feature development to focus on fixing bugs and polishing rough edges. Check the what's new page to see all the recent updates.

Design Update and Theming

Aug 23, 2021

One of our main goals with Legend has always been to be extremely customizable, and with this update we're adding a ton of customization options along with a design refresh.

New Design

This new design makes documents much more readable with improved spacing and color contrast. Some key highlights:

  • Improved colors and contrast for readability, especially in Dark theme
  • Spacing between items is increased for readability in the default "Comfortable" theme while the "Compact" theme reduces spacing, closer to the old style.
  • An updated pane header design moves all the view options (which are typically not changed often) into a single icon on the right side with the breadcrumbs on the left
  • Added support for multiple sizes of headers defined by the number of # characters, which automatically shrink when indented in
  • A new "highlight" feature to highlight any text with a blue background color
  • Improved alignment of vertical lines with prefixes and collapsers
  • Item links now display wrapped in [[]] characters instead of a background with icon. This feels more readable and is more in line with how other apps style item links.
  • Panes are now flush with the background and only have a border between each other


We’ve made a css-like editor with (so far) 46 different themeable values. You can change all sorts of colors and spacings, and really anything you can do in CSS. On a basic level it shows all the default values with a color picker to edit them. If you want to get more advanced, you can add any CSS you want.

The next step of this is to have a theme library with user-submitted themes in the future, and to start we have a thread in our new forum to share your customizations. Once we get a good set of user themes in the showcase we can build them into the app so anyone can use them. We're super excited about that!

Check out the forum

Many thanks to all the people in our forum who helped guide this in the right direction. If you'd like to report any bugs, request any features, or help test beta updates and guide their direction, please join us in the forum ❤️.

Moo.do is now Legend!

Jul 30, 2021

Our goal has always been to help people organize everything they need in one place, and in the style that works best for them. We've learned a lot as we've worked with our community on improving the product, and decided it's time to develop our brand into something that better expresses that goal.

For the past two years we've focused on working with our user community and improving the core of the apps - we have a new backend with end-to-end encryption, new mobile apps, new email integrations with Gmail and Outlook, and tons of bug fixes.

Now that we've gotten the app into a solid place, we're ready to move forward with our next steps!

Why Legend

We like the name Legend because it has two meanings for us:

  1. We want you to be so productive that you feel like a superhero
  2. The legend on a map is the key that connects concepts and helps you understand them

What's New

1. New help

We have a new and much more comprehensive Help page. It's a live instance of Legend itself so you can play around and experiment with it. And it provides us a nice base to keep improving it and adding to it over time.

2. New pricing

We've overhauled the way we split premium features with two goals:

  1. Providing a full experience for free
  2. Not needing a trial

So you now get all of the core features for free, including syncing data with one Google account. The total number of panes and the number of sync accounts, along with some additional cosmetic/advanced features are limited in the free version.

Legend also now has two pricing tiers: one for increasing the limits and one for the more advanced users. And the new Lifetime plan helps us grow and gives a great discount if you use Legend for a long time.

If you were already on Moo.do Premium, you are legacied into the new top tier, so you don't need to change anything. But if you'd like to upgrade to the new prices or to Lifetime we would really appreciate it ❤️.

See the new Pricing page for more details.

3. New forum

We have a new forum which serves a lot of purposes:

  1. We'll announce and discuss beta updates in the beta forum
  2. You can post bug reports and feature requests
  3. We can gauge what bugs/features are the most important using the voting system
  4. We can tag posts to mark them as in progress or complete.
  5. People can post their organization strategies and customizations in the showcase

We previously had our community in Slack which was great for discussion but limited for those purposes, and requiring signup made it inaccessible for most people.

Our community will be slowly migrating their top priority bugs/features over from Slack, and we welcome any and all discussion in the forum moving forward!

How to switch

The process of fully renaming to Legend will take a couple of months, and we will keep both Legend and Moo.do updated in parity for a while. The web apps will shortly suggest switching to Legend, and updated desktop apps and mobile apps will be coming soon.

You can use the new version of the web app at https://app.legendapp.com. If you'd like to switch to the new desktop app you can get the new app now.

Talk to us

We'd love your feedback on the new website, or any bug requests or feature requests, so please check out the forum. It's still pretty sparsely populated since we just launched it, so please fill it up with all your requests and ideas ❤️.

See the old Moo.do blog
Legend has recently renamed from Moo.do. The old Moo.do blog contains tons of earlier product updates.